Driven to continual excellence

PROXA Mobile is a specialised water solution provider of sustainable water services. Driven by the desire to always do better, PROXA Mobile develops some of the most efficient and effective mobile water treatment equipment available.

Doing better for the client

Our in-house team combines their significant experience in the water-demanding Power, Oil & Gas, Mining, and Food & Beverage industries with extensive research and access to leading global technologies to develop a fleet of mobile water treatment solutions that deliver impressive water capacities and high flow rates.

Doing better for the planet

PROXA Mobile is committed to protecting the earth’s natural reserves with energy and water being our primary focus areas. In water terms, PROXA Mobile strives to protect this precious resource by recovering, recycling and reusing it. From a power point of view, our mobile treatment solutions are highly energy efficient. We strive to design solutions that require less power to provide greater output. We further reduce a project’s carbon footprint by minimising shipping and transport costs by reusing equipment as much as we can.

Doing better for people

People form the heart of our business. Within our company walls, we have a strong global leadership team that enjoys the support of a broad employee base which receives ongoing education and up-skilling. PROXA Mobile also works in partnership with several universities and colleges to continually lead the way with groundbreaking solutions and technologies. On site, PROXA Mobile works with plant owners to achieve their environmental, safety, production reliability and profitability goals.

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