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PROXA Mobile has an efficient and cost effective containerised AQUAMOBILE solution for your need.

Continuous operation is key to any organisation’s bottom-line. PROXA Mobile’s Water Services are not only available ready for rapid deployment but our solutions ensure flow rates from 200 litres/hr to >150m3/hr and require minimal energy consumption. Whether you are facing a crisis, planned hire or year to year lease, PROXA has an efficient and cost effective solution. Contact us for more detail.


Rapid response mobile water services

Zero downtime is critical to any organisation. The unforeseen failure of industrial plant and equipment can have serious financial, operational and reputational consequences. Every day counts, which is why PROXA Mobile has a fleet of mobile water treatment solutions available 24-hours, 365 days a year for rapid deployment to manage any emergency situation as a result of:

  • Water treatment plant failure
  • Raw water supply fluctuations
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Boiler tube or condenser leaks
  • Additional treated water demands
  • Water scarcity issues
  • Environmental compliance
  • Supply chain issues


A flexible solution for scheduled events

PROXA’s Mobile water treatment services provide an adaptable and cost effective solution to planned projects or events. The contract is open-ended and can be reviewed on an ongoing basis. This short term solution is ideal for plants seeking to manage:

  • Water treatment plant failure
  • Process changes
  • Legislation changes
  • Plant start up and commissioning
  • Increased peak or seasonal demand
  • Full flow trial for a new process, system or application
  • Project expansions
  • Planned maintenance
  • Quality changes to feed or product water


A reliable rental solution for projects < 10 years

Robust, cost effective and flexible, PROXA Mobile provides medium or long term modular mobile water treatment rentals for a period of 10 years or less. These solutions are customised to the client’s specific needs and are commissioned, installed, operated and maintained to meet long term requirements. This is an ideal off-balance sheet solution for clients that:

  • Have limited capital expenditure (capex) budget
  • Have limited visibility on their production site lifetime
  • Seek to reduce operational costs
  • Need additional volumes of treated water
  • Seek a new project/replace existing plant
  • Require improved built plant reliability and predictability
  • Want to be able to move the water treatment facility from one site to another
  • Seek raw water cost reduction

ProSAFE and ProACT : The PROXA MOBILE pro-active water back up PROGRAMS

Our ProSAFE program allows you to:

  • Benefit from a site audit
  • Pre-register your site details, raw water quality and requested water output
  • Benefit from our ProSAFE ready-to-go fleet of units
  • Pre-define all budgets involved
  • Benefit from priority services
  • Make sure all your HSE and site rules have been pre-identified and recorded prior to any intervention

Contact us today, we will be happy to meet with you and make sure you minimize the time to first m3 production through your ProSAFE membership.

Our services do not stop there:

For a small yearly fee, you can join our ProACT programme and

  • Benefit from all the ProSAFE programme advantages
  • Benefit from having mobile units parked on your site on a time-sharing principle
  • Enjoy a guaranteed water treatment back-up facility all year around
  • Get the opportunity to test your full scale back-up unit product flow and quality
  • Get access to our main water treatment services free of charge for 1 or more weeks per year (under conditions)

Join our ProACT club today to secure your back-up water facility

Contact us and we will be happy to meet with you and take care of your demand.

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